Greenhouses – design and construction. Complex construction of greenhouses VENLO – Dutch quality and technology

Greenhouses – design and construction


Greenhouses – research, design and construction

Greenhouses designing construction. Strict documentation. Quality materials of the highest class.
Control all manufacturing processes at all stages
and each element for each greenhouse.

Greenhouses – designing construction

The construction of a greenhouse is a strategic investment to which
Alpha Greenhouse assumes responsibility as a very serious commitment.
Every greenhouse built by Alpha Greenhouse meets all European and Bulgarian standards and requirements.

Alpha Greenhouse works closely with Ultraflex Power Technologies, the world’s leading manufacturer of ultrasonic heating systems.

Ultraflex Power Technologies enable the constructions and elements of our greenhouses to be built quickly and with exceptional strength and quality.

Greenhouses – designing construction


оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Heating systems

  • Construction of boiler and warehouse for the selected fuel type and heating type.

  • Offering of transport systems on heaters..

  • High-speed shielding.

оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Energy-saving and shading screens

  • Selection and construction of one or more screens.

  • A lateral shielding.

  • Equipment of leading Dutch companies “Redder” and “Snelder BV”

оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Ventilation systems

  • Construction of ventilation rake type.

  • Equipment of leading Dutch companies “Redder” and “Snelder BV”

оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Plow systems and food group

  • Construction of irrigation systems with an option for organic production or type of hydroponics.

  • Growing on the “water bed” system

оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Electro and thermosolar systems

  • Offering systems for combined use of solar and wind energy.

  • Extension of the production cycle with artificial lighting

оранжерии проектиране изграждане

Transport equipment

  • Trolleys, spray carts and picking products

  • Small-scale equipment for work in enclosed spaces.

The construction of greenhouses is an investment that our company accepted as a responsible and serious commitment. For this reason, it is very important that all documentation is strict.

Our long experience ensures that the greenhouse will be constructed professionally with much attention to detail. Then the life of the materials and systems supplied can be guaranteed without problems for years.